About me

I live with my fiancé in Hällingsjö about 30 min from Gothenburg in Sweden. 
We live in a house surrounded by the forest. 
We share our lifes with 3 wonderful Rhodesian Ridgebacks; Nova (Evergraces Brilliant Beauty, Diezel (Kadamo Here Comes Hudson and Bella (Akizuri Titi Bakira). 
I have loved dogs since I was a little child!
Were there was a dog you could also find me!
My first dog was called Smulan and I got her when I was 12 years old. She was a mix of several breeds, she had a heart of gold and was my best friend. She was with me all the time! She ment the world to me becuse she came into my life right after a family tragedy so she helped me bounce back and she was right by my side in both sad times and happy times. 
Several years later I had a Rottweiler who I got when he was 9 month old. He had been badly abused and came from a very broken home. He tought me very much and his last time in this world I'm very happy that he spent it with me, in a home filled with love! 
Our queen Nova is our first Ridgeback. She has learned me so much about this breed but also about my self. 
It was when we got Diezel that I started to get intrested in breeding. Becuse of health issues Diezel will never be used in breeding and that brakes my heart! But some times it's not ment be. 
When Bella came into our lifes I was very excited about the future and what the future might hold! 
We began our journey and in november 2016 my kennel name was approved! 
Our dogs are our family members and they are always with us.
 I used to work in a daycare center for dogs were I also held puppy classes. 
Now I work at night and it gives me more freedom to spend time with my dogs more and more freedom to train them during the days, perfect for me! 
When I train my own dogs or have classes I always use positive reinforcement! It's so important to create a nice relationship with your dog and it should be fun to have a dog and fun to train a dog! 

My goals with my breeding is to breed healthy and versatile ridgebacks with a nice mentality. The most important thing is that they live an active life as familymembers.
We had our first litter in the beginning of 2017, "A Pride Of My Heart-Litter". Now we will see were this adventure takes us!

I am a member of:
Specialklubben Rhodesian Ridgeback Sverige SRRS
Svenska Kennelklubben SKK

Rasklubben för dansk-svensk gårdshund RDSG

Food I give my dogs:
Vom og Hundemat

Ann-Sophie Lindman

Kennel Bellnodie
Breeder of Rhodesian Ridgeback