A puppy from us?

The things I want and look for in puppy buyers is that you can provide an active life for your new familymember. There are so much fun you can do with your friend; obedience, rally obedience, tracking, shows, nosework and a lot more! 

I want you to x-ray hips and elbows and do a mentality test (MH/BPH) with your dog. 
It's important to me to be able to follow up my breeding. 
And I want to stay in contact and be able to follow the puppy through it's life. 
I will arrange puppy meetings and other activities that I want you to attend if it's possible. 

What you get when you buy a puppy from Bellnodie:
-Health certificate not older than 7 days
-The puppy is vaccinated, dewormed and has a ID-chip
-Membership in SRRS for the first year
-Registrationspapers from SKK
-Pedigree from SKK
-Food for the first days/first week at your home
-Information so you and your new familymember has the best start possible together
-Puppymeetings, puppyclass and other activities
-Blanket that smells mummy and a collar
-The DVD "Välkommen valp" from SKK
And of cours a lifelong support from me! 


Diezel became Swedish Blood tracking Champion!
Diezel became Swedish Blood tracking Champion!