Happy Birthday diezel!!!!! 

Today our prince Kadamo Here Comes Hudson "DIEZEL" celebrates his 6th birthday!! Happy Birthday our prince or now maybe we should say king?! We love you to the moon and back! 
To have you in our lives are truly a blessing! We have gone trough so much together.. You are always by my side, so loyal even I don't sometimes understand. You would go through fire for me and Baback Golzad! You have proven your self to be a excellent guard dog not only once but twice in two serious situations and you did an excellent work! In the first situation the result was that the "bad guy" was taken by the police. You are an excellent tracking dog! But you are first of all a family member and a best friend. You are fun and fun to train! Even though you have been many times to the vet you are happy and just go a long with tests and everything. You are a kind and loving dog. 
I think Diezel's motto in life is; Just relax and have fun and eat as much as you can when no one sees you! ;-) 
Thank you Karin Wolgast Fürst for our amazing Diezel! He is one of a kind! We wish all sisters and brothers a happy birthday! And our thoughts also goes to the two stars in heaven; Tibor and Balder.. 
And to mum Yaya and daddy Akala.. 



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