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2016 > 08

It was time for me and my friend Pernilla Svedjeby to pack the car and drive to Ystad were we took the ferry to Bornholm. I hate ferrys... But I survived! We arrived in the middle of the night at our appartment that we stayed with lovely friends Pernilla Johansson and Jidde Dahlberg. 
So with not that much sleep it was time for the first day of showing. 
The judge was John Finnich Pedersen, DK. I have showed Bella for him when she was in junior class and she got very nice critique then. 
But today was a new day.. Bella wasnt his cup of the and got VG in open class. But me and Bella enjoyed our time in the ring and had fun!
It's not the end of the world! 

Me, Pernilla, Pernilla and Jidde drove back to our place and went for a nice walk at the beach with all the dogs before it was dinner time. 
Then we spent the evening to chat away as always! 

So the last day the judge were Bo Wallin, SWE. I have never shown for him before. Me and Bella enjoyed to be in the ring, she was happy and I was happy. Proud of my little girl! Bella got excellent in open class but no CQ. Better luck next time!
We did a little bit of shopping before we left the showground. We had a few hours before our ferry went back to Ystad. So the whole gang had a little picninck before a lovely walk at a beach near by. We stopped by at some swedish friends at a camping near by who also was at the show. The coffe was awesome! Just what I needed! 

The results wasn't the best this weekend but I had a wonderful stay in Bornholm with lovely friends and dogs! And the best thing; I get to bring back home the best dog ever: Bella :-) 


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We are planning Akizuri Titi Bakira "Bella" first litter.. And our first litter as well. More info coming soon! 

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Finally Bella's DNA test for EOAD came back! And she is CLEAR! 

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 I have put Bellas show results on her page finally and now I'm working to get this page better and everything in english! So I think it will take some time because I have a lot of photos of all three dogs that I want to upload.. But now it's just raining here in Sweden so now I think it's a good time to work on this! ;-) 
And we have some exciting plans for 2017! 
All info will be published later. 

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