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Puppies turnes 7 weeks old today! 
Yesterday me and my fiancé took some photos of our fantastic 7, I have the best fiancé in the world who helps me and puts up with this! ;-) ;-) Below you can see some of the photos, enjoy! 

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The puppies are 6,5 weeks old and we still have puppies that are looking for their forever home. A home were they are a familymember, very much loved and were they will live a active life!
If you are intrested and can give a active and loving home feel free to contact me!

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My friend Pernilla Johansson and her mother came to vivit us and she took some lovely photos of the puppies out in the garden! Thank you so much! Happy reunion! 

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The puppies are 5 weeks old! They are all doing great, they gain weight as they should. They are happy and outgoing little sweethearts! I'm very happy and proud of this litter,
I think it's a consistent litter both in construction and the mentality so far. They are curious puppies and that is something I like! :-) 
My dear friend Patricia Ljunggren took a day trip to us and helped me stack the puppies. Thank you so much! You are the best! 

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