Show debut for Thyra and Buddha

Today it was time for Thyra and Buddha to enter the ring for the first time! We attended a puppyshow in Kungsbacka. Firts out was Bellnodie A Pride Of My Heart Ace "Buddha" and he acted like a pro! He stood like a statue :-) I'm so happy about this prince, he just go along with things and are just happy. Love it! 
It was now time for him to meet his sister Bellnodie A Pride Of My Heart Joy "Thyra"! 
She was more in the air then on the ground! Happy and crazy, as it should be :-) She also stood like a statue, sweet little princess! 
Today Thyra won and went all the way to BIS-4! Happy and proud! 
I think it's a pretty good debut in the show ring! ;-) 
THANK YOU so much Pernilla Svedjeby for all the help and for the photos! <3 



Senaste nyheterna