X-Ray and Bella's Birthday!

This Tuesday we did a x-ray to have a clue how manny puppies was hiding in Bellas belly. Even though I know it's not a 100% sure result I wanted to have a clue since this is our first litter. The vet said 6 puppies but it could be up to 2 more.
Bella acted like a pro as always!
We can't wait for the little ones, it's so exciting to see what our princess is hiding!
Bella is doing just fine! She is a little more tired but still happy and still acting like she have never ever seen food! ;-)
She don't want to take longer walks, and I let her set the pace herself. I can tell that she don't want to go far from our house.
Today she is on day 57(56), so not many more days left!

Yesterday Bella turned 4 years old! We are very blessed to have her in our lives! She is our comedian with a heart of gold.

A new chapter in our lives starts in a few days.. Stay tuned for more info about the puppies in a couple of days! :-)