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Today the puppies are 16 days old! They have all opened their eyes now :-) 
And they have a lot more stability if I compare them how they moved just two days ago. It's fantastic to see them how they change! They make noises that make you laugh! :-) 
Below are some photos for you to enjoy! 

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Yesterday the puppies turned 2 weeks old!
All of them have started to open their eyes, so exciting to see that :-)
You can also see more stability when they are moving around.

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Yesterday the puppies turned 10 days old. They all doing great :-) And Bella is a really good mummy! 
All the puppies has dubbled their birth weight, that feels really good! 

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Today the puppies turns 9 days old! 
So much love.. I can´t think about the day they are leaving..  

I'm sitting and thinking of names to put in the pedigree of each puppy.. Not that easy! Well we will see how this ends! :-) 

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Today the puppies turned 1 week old! Can’t believe how fast this week has gone.. Our 7 wonders has almost dubbled their birth weight. 
Bella is a very good mum and she hasn’t had any problems since the puppies arrived, she is happy and content. 
Below you can also see some mixed photos. 

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Today the puppies turned 4 days old. Puppies and Bella are doing just fine. 
They have put on weihgt every day and moves around quite fast! ;-)
We can't wait for there eyes to open! 
Here are som photos of the sweethearts! 
It's going to be so exciting to see these little wonders from Bella and Phillip growing up.


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Finally the day came when Bella’s and Phillip’s puppies arrived! 
Bella did a great job during the delivery and she is a loving and caring mum to the puppies. 

7 puppies was born. 4 males and 3 females and they are just doing fine. 
They have all gained weight from the birth. 

You can find more info HERE

Below are some photos to enjoy! 

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The 6th of march Bella gave birth to 7 beautiful puppies! She did a amazing job! Mommy and all puppies are just fine. I will update more soon, I need a lttle bit of sleep first! :-)

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This Tuesday we did a x-ray to have a clue how manny puppies was hiding in Bellas belly. Even though I know it's not a 100% sure result I wanted to have a clue since this is our first litter. The vet said 6 puppies but it could be up to 2 more.
Bella acted like a pro as always!
We can't wait for the little ones, it's so exciting to see what our princess is hiding!
Bella is doing just fine! She is a little more tired but still happy and still acting like she have never ever seen food! ;-)
She don't want to take longer walks, and I let her set the pace herself. I can tell that she don't want to go far from our house.
Today she is on day 57(56), so not many more days left!

Yesterday Bella turned 4 years old! We are very blessed to have her in our lives! She is our comedian with a heart of gold.

A new chapter in our lives starts in a few days.. Stay tuned for more info about the puppies in a couple of days! :-)

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